Technology in modern-day policing


Earlier this month, £125,000 worth of drugs were taken off Sussex streets and 30 people were arrested during an intense week of County Lines action as part of a continuing national effort to tackle organised drug distribution and dealing.

County Lines activity is a complex crime and can often be hidden but it almost always involves violence and exploitation of young people or those who are vulnerable and the effects can be harrowing and life-changing.

Disruption by police officers, aided by technology which can analyse mobile phones used by drug dealers, is part of the ongoing response by the force to continually pressure organised crime groups and make Sussex a hostile place for dealers to operate in.

This week, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne met with members of Sussex Police’s Rural Crime Team to see another way in which technology is used in modern-day policing and how drones are helping to catch criminals from the sky. You can watch the video to see the drone in action.

Mrs Bourne said: "It was fascinating to see how the technology works both in the daytime and at night allowing the pilot to quickly identify motion or infrared signals on camera which help guide officers on the ground to the right area.

"Since receiving the new piece of kit at the beginning of the year, the Rural Crime Team has already had several successes. Recently, drone cameras allowed the team to evidence trespassing and hare coursing, leading to three arrests. It has also enabled the team to scout out buildings before their arrival meaning they can gain further intelligence before they go inside.

"It is a impressive piece of equipment and a valued asset to the team. It's helping them to find missing people, capture detailed imagery of rural roads and tracks to tackle burglary.

"The Rural Crime Team are able to spot people poaching and fly tipping and they can quickly access even the hardest to reach areas. Officers tell me that drones are a huge time and resource saver for the police."