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Tune into our online TV channel and follow the views, thoughts and experiences of Katy Bourne in her role as Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner. You can search and view these films by each Police & Crime Plan priority using the filters below. If you would like to suggest another topic for the PCC to discuss on film please contact us with your ideas. 

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PCC Katy Bourne speaks to Independent Custody Visitor
Find out what inspired volunteer John Rowntree to become an Independent Custody Visitor and more about this important role.
Sussex PCC Live Facebook Chat
Join PCC Katy Bourne for a live Facebook chat and have your say on policing and crime in your area.
Katy Bourne swears in as Sussex PCC
Watch PCC Katy Bourne being sworn in and signing the oath of impartiality as she officially takes office as the first Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner.
Victim support services in Sussex
As part of National Stalking Awareness Week 2019 Raine talks about the support services who helped her after she went to the police about her stalker.
Raine’s story
Raine shares her experience of stalking and harassment, and the support services who helped her.
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