About Sussex VRP

The Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership (Sussex VRP) is an innovative partnership tackling the root causes of serious violent crime in Sussex to protect young people and make our communities safer.

The VRP brings together data and expertise from Sussex Police, local authorities, hospitals, national and local health bodies, criminal justice and community organisations to identify and tackle the root causes of violent crime involving young people.


The story behind violent crime

Identifying the “who, what, when, where and how,” of serious violent crime in Sussex is vital for us to build an accurate picture of the people and communities most affected and to be able to direct resources where they are needed most.

At the heart of the Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership is our determination to address inequalities and give all young people the opportunities to make positive life choices and avoid violence.

We know violence is preventable – not inevitable.

Focus on young people

The Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership focuses on reducing violence that:

  • Occurs in a public place
  • Has a victim, suspect or offender under the age of 25
  • Causes or is intended to cause serious injury (GBH/wounding criminal definition)
  • Involves the use of one or more of the following: -
  • Firearm
  • Knife or bladed/pointed weapon, whether made, adapted or intended as a weapon
  • Other offensive weapon (whether made, adapted or intended), including acid or corrosive substance.

While high profile police enforcement is one element to tackle serious violent crime, the key to success in tackling and reducing serious violent crime is a co-ordinated approach to the long-term solutions to violence in society, especially amongst the young.

Local Violence Reduction Partnerships

Three area-based violence reduction partnerships have also been established in West Sussex, Brighton & Hove and East Sussex.


In 2019, Sussex was one of 18 areas allocated funding by the Home Office to establish Violence Reduction Units  (VRUs), which adopt a public health approach to tackling and reducing serious violent crime.