Police funding survey results

This year's police funding survey was phrased to inform the public that the 2019/20 precept - the police element of council tax - would rise by an average of £12 p.a. (for a Band D property) and asking if people would be willing to pay more than this amount if the cap on the precept were lifted.

It was publicised through the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner's social media accounts, website and weekly newsletter, as well as to members of Sussex Neighbourhood Watch. Participants at PCC engagement events around the county, including focus groups and the PCC's speaking engagements, were also asked to complete a hard copy of the survey if they hadn’t already done so.

The survey was open from October 31st 2018 to January 4th 2019 and a total of 2694 responses were received; the third highest number of responses to similar surveys carried out by PCCs across England and Wales.  

61% of respondents answered ‘Yes’ when asked “As we have the opportunity to raise more money for policing within Sussex, would you be willing to pay any extra?” with the remaining 39% of respondents answering ‘No, nothing more’. 

Following the results of the survey Mrs Bourne proposed a maximum permissible rise for an average Band D property allowed by the Government: £24. This was unanimously approved by the Sussex Police & Crime Panel at a publicly webcast meeting on 1 February 2019.

A list of FAQs about the precept can be found here.

A total of 2694 responded. The tables below detail the overall results:

The following table details the number of responses from each of the Sussex Police Districts:

The following graph shows the proportion of residents in each Sussex Police District that supported an increase in the budget precept:


The table below details the number of responses from each Sussex Division, based on responses to the question “Which District do you live in?”:

The tables below detail the results from the survey, segmented by the Sussex Police Divisions: