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What is REBOOT?

In November 2018 the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner secured £890,616 from the Government's Early Intervention Youth Fund. Following the national increase in serious crime, the Home Office developed their Serious Violence Strategy, which encourages young people to make positive choices instead of becoming involved in crime. This is an initiative that the Sussex PCC, Katy Bourne endorses and will be implementing through her Early Intervention Youth Programme, REBOOT.

REBOOT brings together multiple partners: East Sussex youth offending team, West Sussex youth offending service, Brighton & Hove Youth offending service, YMCA Downslink Group, Trust for developing communities, Audio Active, Hangleton and Knoll, NHS partnership Trust, Sussex Police, Active Sussex, Freedom Leisure, Wave Leisure and Crimestopper’s Fearless.  

There are three elements to REBOOT:

  • REBOOT Sussex Police and partnership protocol
  • REBOOT YMCA Downslink Group and partners coaching programme
  • Extension of REBOOT services

Hastings pilot

A pilot version of this Protocol was trialled in Hastings and is now being expanded under REBOOT.

During the trial, 69 children were referred through the Protocol. 63 children were referred into the first stage, with 73% of children not coming to notice again. In total, 23 children were referred into stage 2 (screening assessment) and only 8 children referred into the youth offending team clinic at the third stage. 0 children were referred through to the final stage of the protocol (civil injunction), due to the support being provided in partnership.

During the Hastings pilot and following through to the REBOOT programme, PCSOs will play an integral part in the initial intervention stage and be a constant, alongside their personal coach, in the young people’s lives as they develop through the programme. Many of the 100 PCSOs to be recruited as part of this year’s rise in precept will become part of this programme, directly tackling anti-social behaviour drug-related and organised crime in our communities.

A young girl who went through the Hastings pilot programme said; “I would like to thank a certain police officer, called Charlotte Williams, a huge thank-you for always having my back and being there for me even when I didn’t want you to. I’m going to put the past behind me now and look into the future!”

Meet the REBOOT Youth Coaches


I've worked in the public and third sector for fourteen years supporting vulnerable young people and adults in a variety of front line and managerial youth work, homelessness and mental health roles.  My work with young people has included working for Crawley Borough Council supporting young people vulnerable to the influences of extremism and with YMCA DLG supporting young people to take steps towards employment. I am passionate about working alongside young people to enable them to use and develop their skills, interests and potential. The Reboot project attracted me as I feel it shares this value and wants to provide support to help young people lead safe and positive lives. 

Adam, Brighton & Hove 


I want to help youths who make poor choices due to negative life experiences. My most recent role was setting up The Prince’s Trust in Worthing. I led a group of vulnerable 16-25-year-olds on a 12-week programme helping them get back into work or education. Before this I worked at a home for sexually abused children taking a therapeutic approach to helping them come to terms with their trauma and gain positive life skills. I also spent a year working for East Sussex county council in a child protection team. I look forward to using my experience for REBOOT; helping youths re-engage with positive activities and step away from anti-social behaviour.

Laura, Horsham     


I have experience working with young people and adults with learning difficulties. I volunteered as a mentor at the Youth Advice Centre in Brighton. In terms of specialist training, I’m a licensed practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming which allows me to work with people around overcoming limiting belief and achieving their desired outcomes. I have also attended courses in Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing and have recently completed a degree in Sociology. This allows me to view personal issues in a broader social context. I wanted to be a Youth Coach with REBOOT as I’m passionate about supporting people to step outside of their comfort zones and realise their full potential! 

Greg, Lewes


I recently worked with the YMCA Brighton Youth Advice Centre as a Young Person’s Support & Advice Worker giving 1:1 support in a wide range of areas. I have volunteered with the diaspora community in Brighton & Hove. I provided support to refugees, asylum seekers and those without access to public funds. I also worked with the Global Social Club, aiming to bring young members of the migrant community together with those from the local area. REBOOT is a chance to work with young people to find activities relevant to them. I’m excited about being a part of a service that provides opportunities to young people at a time when youth services are facing cuts.

Patrick, Eastbourne


I am a Senior Youth Worker who developed an award-winning project which I managed for years. I created opportunities for hundreds of 11- 19 year olds to access a range of exciting projects around adults they could trust. I have also worked with young people in schools supporting them to feel positive about their learning experience and help them re-engage after exclusion. Every young person should have a voice and be supported appropriately through their personal and social development. They should have access to opportunities to fulfil their potential and feel safe and well cared for. I work in an honest and direct way that builds trust and enables them to take responsibility for their own choices. 



I volunteered with the YMCA Youth Advice Centre in Brighton for over a year running 1:1 drop-ins with young people. I also volunteered at the Brighton Youth Centre to help run their youth club. Through this work I have given talks at schools and freshers fairs in the local area and engaged in outreach work within the community; such as, working at Pride 2019 with Trust for Developing Communities. This year, I also started to run ‘Unleash Your Inner Artist’ Makeup Workshops through the YMCA due to receiving funding from Youth Led Grants. Through REBOOT I hope to further develop my skills and support young people in making informed decisions about their future.

Astrid, Brighton & Hove



I have a lot of knowledge around the issues young people face from working in the voluntary sector previously at youth hubs in East Sussex. I currently volunteer with the Restorative Justice team where I have 1:1s with young people. I facilitate workshops within schools and supported accommodations covering subjects surrounding County Lines, Gangs and exploitation. I also worked as a Drug and Alcohol Support Worker based within a Recovery Service helping vulnerable adults battling addiction. I am a big believer in change. With the right support and guidance anybody can turn their lives around for the better - this is my reason for wanting to join the REBOOT project.

Carl, Hastings


I have worked with young people for 17 years in a variety of roles. I have experience of supporting those with complex and challenging needs including; school refusal, family break down, the use of drugs and alcohol, mental health, and young people involved in crime. I have taken part in a variety of training and I’m currently in the last part of my degree. I’m excited about joining REBOOT and working with the young people referred. I feel this is an exciting project that can have a positive impact on young people’s lives. I really like the idea of working in a strength-based approach and helping them enjoy new activities and challenges.

Paul, Worthing


Hello, my name is Matthew and I am the REBOOT Youth Coach for Crawley. I trained as a teacher through the University of Brighton and for the last 7 years have been working in a Special Educational Needs school setting, predominantly working alongside students with a diagnosis of Autism or Asperger’s syndrome.

I have been committed to providing a holistic approach that considers the emotional, social and communication needs of each individual. I value the importance of each young person being placed at the centre of the planning process, developing a plan for each individual person based on their needs, strengths and interests.

In my role as REBOOT coach I am looking forward to working alongside each young person, using a strength based coaching approach to help equip and encourage them to engage in positive activities in the community. To help them recognise their strengths and develop confidence, supporting them to have a positive outlook for the future.

Matthew, Crawley

I have been working with young people and families for 14 years. I'm a qualified counsellor specialising in substance use, family breakdown and domestic abuse. I started working in children’s homes as a residential social worker until I moved on to form part of the management team; developing the family intervention project. I worked for Think Family for 4 years and most recently managed a team for the charity RISE specialising in high risk domestic abuse victims. My passion is helping others, especially young people, it is rewarding to see them grow in confidence and self-esteem and have bright futures. I’m excited to have the opportunity to influence and lead on developing the REBOOT project. 

Tracy, REBOOT Project Manager

REBOOT: YMCA Downslink Group and partners coaching programme

YMCA Downslink Group is delivering this programme in partnership with Audio Active and Hangleton and Knoll and Trust for developing communities. The programme offers a personalised one-to-one support package for young people who are at risk of engaging in serious violence, and is separate to the REBOOT Sussex police and partnership protocol.

What happens?

The YMCA REBOOT programme manager will assess each case. If a young person is accepted onto the scheme, one of the nine new coaches across Sussex will be assigned to them. Their coach will then design a personalised plan around the young person, and help to build a trusting and supportive relationship with them. The coach will help the young person engage in activities and assist them in developing new friendship groups.

Who is it for?

The programme is designed for 11-17 year olds putting themselves at risk of future serious violence. You can see more information and find a referral form on the YMCA website here

This programme is PAN-Sussex.


You can contact them by emailing or by calling 01273 222550.

For more information please visit:

Full details can be found here.

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