Police & Crime Plan


How does the Commissioner set the Police & Crime Plan?

The Commissioner has developed this Police & Crime Plan in consultation with members of the public and partners in Sussex to ensure that the police and crime priorities contained within accurately reflect the policing, crime and community safety issues important to them.

The Plan will remain a living document and will be reviewed and refreshed periodically to ensure that it continues to accurately reflect local and national priorities.

What is the current Police & Crime Plan?

The Commissioner has developed three Public Priorities for 2021/24:

  • Public Priority 1 – Strengthen local policing, tackle crime & prevent harm
  • Public Priority 2 – Relentless disruption of serious and organised crime
  • Public Priority 3 – Support and safeguard victims and tackle violence against women and girls

You can download the full Police & Crime Plan for further information about the priorities contained within.

If you require a printed version of the Plan, please contact the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner by telephone to: 01273 481561 or by email to: pcc@sussex-pcc.gov.uk

Why does the Commissioner set a Police & Crime Plan?

The Commissioner has a statutory duty to set the policing and crime objectives for their police force area through a Police & Crime Plan.

The Police & Crime Plan sets out the strategic policing direction for our county with objectives for how policing services will be delivered in Sussex up to 2024​​​.

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Your feedback is vital to help the PCC set the local policing and crime priorities that matter most to Sussex residents. If you have any comments on the Commissioner’s Police & Crime Plan please complete and submit the contact form below. Alternatively you can email pcc@sussex-pcc.gov.uk with your feedback.

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