Sussex performance against the priorities, objectives and measures set out in the Police & Crime Plan are summarised below and are accurate as at 30 September 2018 (unless otherwise stated). Performance data will be updated as soon as is practicable every quarter.


1. Strengthen local policing


Increase the reporting of "hidden" and under-reported crimes.

Crime type

Previous performance (October 2016 - September 2017)

Current performance (October 2017 - September 2018)

% Difference
Domestic abuse crimes 13,525 15,911 +18%
Serious sexual offences 3,000 3,410 +14%
Anti-social behaviour crimes 26,061 26,395 +1%
Hate crimes 2,175 2,083 -4%
Fraud & forgery 588 446 -24%


2. Work with communities and partners to keep Sussex safe


Encourage and support local communities to prevent crime and disorder.

April - September 2018   

Number of projects

Total amount of funding (£)

Safer in Sussex community projects 0 £0

Work with partners to reduce offending and reoffending.

April - June 2018

Total number of victims provided with information

Total number of offenders provided with information

Referrals submitted


Restorative Justice 6,785 1,904 216 40


3. Protect our vulnerable and help victims cope and recover from crime and abuse 


Enhance our understanding and meet the needs of victims in Sussex.

Outcome theme

Percentage with positive outcome - Average taken across victim services in Sussex (April - September 2018)

Reducing risks 87%
Feeling safe 69%
Hope for the future 73%
Receiving effective services 83%


4. Improving access to justice for victims and witnesses


Maximise the use of technology to improve access to justice for all.

In September 2017 the Home Office announced that £11m had been granted to the Video Enabled Justice (VEJ) initiative led by the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner. Our London and South East VEJ Programme is a joint effort across criminal justice partners in London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent to roll-out video technology to a wider range of participants within the Criminal Justice System. The project will create a regional model to accelerate criminal justice reform and inform a national model that delivers the Government’s approach to fairer, faster justice. The 'proof of concept' went live in Kent in June 2018.

During 2017, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner funded a multi-agency initiative to convert a premises in West Sussex into a live link suite for vulnerable witnesses. The suite was officially opened in September 2017 and a number of vulnerable witnesses have now given evidence from this facility, which is one of only a handful across the UK.

Installation of live links into Police premises across Sussex has enabled officers to present their evidence via video to Magistrate Courts saving a considerable amount of time. The use of live links to give evidence in Sussex saved 2,560 officer hours in 2017.


A new feature from the Home Office which has been made available on the crime mapping site
The Commissioner's monthly meeting with the Chief Constable.
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