HMICFRS - PEEL Assessment 2018/19

The Police Effectiveness Efficiency and Legitimacy (PEEL) inspection is HMICFRS’ annual assessment of police forces in England and Wales.

In 2018/19, HMICFRS adopted an integrated approach to the existing PEEL inspections, combining the effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy areas of PEEL into a single inspection. These areas had previously been inspected separately each year.

The PEEL report comprises of four areas:

  1. Overall narrative assessment of the Force’s 2018/19 performance;
  2. Judgments and summaries of how effectively, efficiently and legitimately the Force keeps people safe and reduces crime;
  3. Judgments and any areas for improvement, causes of concern and notable practice for each component of the inspection;
  4. Detailed findings for each component.

The Sussex report can be viewed here.

PCC's response

The PCC's response can be viewed here.